Water Quality

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Aquatic Vegetation Control

According to new regulations from the E.P.A.'s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, any spraying of herbicides, in or near water, unless applied by a certified company or individual, is prohibited. If you have plants in or near the waters of Woodland Pond, that require spraying, you must contact the Woodland Pond Lakefront Association for prior approval. Fines can be imposed by the E.P.A. on individuals disregarding these new regulations. Contact any of the WPLA Board members if you have questions about the new rules. There are three companies that we know are certified to spray aquatic vegetation in Woodland Pond at this time. They are:

Thomas Aquatics - 804-355-0455
Clarke Aquatic - 804-310-6283
Solitude Lake Mgmt. - 888-480-5253

Silt Infill Reduction